Dresser Refurbish

Hey All,

So, my diy projects all started when I was around 4 months pregnant. I live on a small Hobby farm in the middle of nowhere, with fields surrounding me everywhere. So trying to stay active can be hard when there isn’t many nearby facilities to work out at. My Boyfriend Mike lives outside in the summer days, working on anything and everything he can get his hands on around the farm, So what better way for me to hang out with him, was to get my hands dirty with a little paint out on the front lawn!

I Love searching on craigslist for cheap furniture to redo, and I was lucky enough to find myself this awesome piece for $20 bucks!Dresser refurbish

Sorry, I do not have a photo of it all put together. I was so excited to get started with my first ever diy project that I had forgotten to take photos. From here, I primed the whole dresser using a 1 qt can of Zinsser bulls eye water based primer


I let the dresser sit over night after being primed (I was four months pregnant lets not forget, I definitely was not going to do all that in one night!)

The Paint that I used was an Oil based high gloss paint, it went on so smooth and made the dresser look so shiny and smooth. Glidden-Paint_thumb2

The Final Project!


Final Master Piece

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you are looking for more DIY projects, check out my DIY tab.

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